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Think, for example, about the differences - and the difference in perception - between white, black, Latino, Jewish, Middle Eastern, and Asian masculinities (to name just a few). Each carries its own weight, each is perceived differently, yet it’s clear that the only type of masculinity that is wholly valued in white/minority-world society is the white kind (and the same of course for femininity)
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me n maria catfootwearausandnz:

NYLON JAPAN bloggers Arvida Bystrom & Maria Pizzeria are adorable as ever in their matching outfits and Colorado boots!


me n maria catfootwearausandnz:

NYLON JAPAN bloggers Arvida Bystrom & Maria Pizzeria are adorable as ever in their matching outfits and Colorado boots!

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Just because I want to learn, why is saying makeup is gender neutral bad?






because it’s not gender neutral. makeup is primarily marketed towards women, for women, to make us into “better” versions of ourselves…versions that rely heavily on what men want us to look like, how men want us to be.

it would be cool if makeup was gender neutral. but it’s not. when men put on makeup, it’s defying gender roles. they don’t perform femininity to survive, to feel good even in the slightest about themselves. women do. women have to, men choose to.

"make up is gender neutral" is bullshit, because the system still expects women to perform femininity by default, and gender nonconforming women are shit on left and right for not doing so. i don’t care about protecting a man’s ability to wear lipstick without judgement. i’m not here to proclaim "make up is gender neutral! don’t judge!1!1!!1!111" i’m here to make sure that the women who don’t wear makeup are safe, protected, loved, and accepted.

there’s a difference between advertising and its actual use. Makeup may be advertised for cis women but that doesn’t mean no one else uses it. Anyone can wear makeup hence the “makeup is gender neutral”. 

the “difference” between advertising makeup and who “actually” uses make up is not miles long.

make up never was, and never will be, gender neutral until women aren’t the targets for its intended use.

women can’t even get jobs if they don’t perform femininity, women are judged in every single which way (whether they wear make up or not) but ESPECIALLY if they don’t wear make up.

just because there are a few guys that like to play around with make up kits doesn’t mean it’s gender neutral. when mainstream media picks up on those men, and uses THEM as lab rats and tells THEM that their skin is too wrinkly and their eyebrows are too crooked and their lips too thin and their eyelashes too short…then MAYBE we can start talking about make up being gender neutral.

until then, women are the targets 99.9% of the time. we are the ones being affected, not men who like magenta lipstick. it is not gender neutral, no matter how many guys you believe or know use make up.

'anyone can wear makeup hence it's gender neutral' is one of the most myopic and poorly thought out thing i've ever heard masquerading as progressive politics

makeup should be gender neutral but saying it is won’t make it so. sorry.




If a 16 year old would want to adopt a child no one would give it to her because she isn’t 21 yet or not an adult or maybe too irresponsible.

So if a 16 year old is so irresponsible and not an adult yet so she wouldn’t even be allowed to adopt a child, then why would the government force her to get that child even though she might not want it?

Let’s talk about how logical the bill against abortion is now


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see terms:
daddy issues
friend zoned
jail bait


see terms:

  • daddy issues
  • friend zoned
  • jail bait

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Instead of telling people not to call each other fat, why don’t we teach them that fat isn’t an insult

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the lunar eclipse is tonight but it’s cloudy outside b/c rain what kind of bullshit is this

sorry friend this was last night